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Everett Lewis Carbone, Jr.

September 1, 1956 ~ February 16, 2019 (age 62)

Everett Lewis Carbone Jr. (Ev, Evro) passed away peacefully on February 16, 2019 at Community Hospice House in Merrimack, New Hampshire at the age of 62. He is joining his brother Michael Carbone, mother and both fathers, and nephews Sean Collier and Tommy Carbone.

Ev is survived by his children, Heather and Nicholas Carbone; his huge and loving family, Stephen (Jabone) and Katie Carbone, Steven (Gumby) Denbow and Julie, Dennis Denbow, Nancy Manson, Delbert (Little Phil) Jr. and Lynn Denbow, Barbara and Brian Walsh, Kristen and Dave Bancroft. He also leaves behind 13 nieces and 18 nephews, 2 grand dogs (Dunkin and Dylan), and his best friend Rick Menard.

Ev was born in Everett, MA on September 1, 1956 to Ann Denbow (Thistle, Carbone) and Everett Lewis Carbone Sr. After Everett Sr. passed, Ann married Delbert (Big Phil) Denbow and the family became the Brady Bunch plus three with a total of 9 children. Ev graduated from Reading Memorial High School in 1974 and married Susan Forsyth (Kelleher, Carbone) on October 23 1982. They had two children – Heather Marie on July 27, 1983 and Nicholas William on January 13, 1986.

Everett was known for a number of things - primarily his goofy nature. He will also be remembered for his classic sayings, his inappropriate, but well-timed jokes, love of Mustangs, dollar store raids, and encyclopedic baseball knowledge. He enjoyed golf, cribbage, 45s, and bowled in a league for a time (candlepin, as only a true New Englander would). He loved pets (who he called puppyheads), wasting paper towels, dropping his pants (full moon tonight!), driving too fast, eating candy and ice cream (especially if it was free), strutting in a Speedo, and showing off his Three Stooges butt tattoo – often to intentionally embarrass his daughter.

Evro was almost always wearing a scally cap, sweatpants, and a tee shirt he got in the $5 bin at Hampton – where he did the “Hampton Beach walk”. He took care to instill a love of good music into both his children. He played a mean air guitar rendition of AC/DC’s T.N.T. and also dabbled in playing the actual guitar. He was the comic relief in almost any situation. Nothing was ever too serious for Ev to not crack a joke.

He was a loving and hardworking father and friend. He worked for years at Sweetheart Plastics with his brothers and mother and moved on to work for friend/honorary brother Rick Menard on Mustangs, his favorite car. He also spent time working with his brother-in-law’s company, Sweepnman. Everett had a love and pride for his children, nieces, nephews, grand dogs, and of course, the Red Sox and Patriots. He rang the bell at Christmas for the Salvation Army and loved to give dollar store goody bags to everyone. Everett would give anything away if he thought you would enjoy it - even if you didn’t need it.

If you’re not sure if you ever met Evro, you most definitely didn’t because he is impossible to forget.

The family requests in lieu of flowers that you make a donation to Community Hospice House in Merrimack, NH where Ev spent his last days.


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